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Sound Details

  • Rating: 3.0 Stars with 2,159 ratings
  • Category: Wind
  • Released: almost 7 years ago
  • Size: 3.36 MB
  • Open in Ambiance (iOS)
  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Kalundborg Breeze

Brightly lit leaves glitter shades of green in the brilliant yellow sunlight as bouncing birds hop along branches or burrow into the soft brown earth, and a soft summer wind rolls through the country hillside. The eternal essence of light and the forever fragrance of freshly blooming flowers send this landscape into the upper most scale of heavenly places on earth. Kalundborg is a municipality in Denmark. It is very well known as the location of a large broadcasting facility, the largest coal-fired power station in Denmark and the beautiful five-spired church which is closely associated with King Valdemar I and the famous Archbishop Absalon. Kalundborg is also the traditional seat of the aristocratic Lerche family. The stately home of Lerchenborg, the best example of rococo architecture in Denmark, can be seen on the town's outskirts. The area of Kalundborg was first settled in 1170 as a natural harbor along the bay. The city began to get more urbanized during the nineteenth century and became a major industrial center in the mid-twentieth century. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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