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  • Rating: 4.5 Stars with 1,186 ratings
  • Category: Other
  • Released: over 7 years ago
  • Size: 517 KB
  • Open in Ambiance (iOS)
  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.


Sitting by the workbench, you slide and scrape your new blade, breaking-in the untamed metal edge, and refining the tool so skillfully that it will be able to cut through the very fabric of time. Gloating over your excellent work, you notice your own reflection in the shiny surface facing you, and being so taken with the sight of yourself, you fall asleep, ending the workday in a dream that sees all the blades in the world whistling through the air in your agile hand. Whetstones are used to grind and hone the edges of steel tools and implements. Examples of items that may be sharpened with a sharpening stone include scissors, scythes, knives, razors and tools such as chisels, hand scrapers and plane blades. Though it is sometimes mistaken as a reference to the water often used to lubricate such stones, the word "whetstone" is a compound word formed with the word "whet," which means to sharpen a blade, not the word "wet". Stones are usually available in various grades, which refers to the grit size of the particles in the stone. Generally, the finer the grit, the denser the material, which leads to a finer finish of the surface of the tool. there are rare natural stones that contain abrasive particles in grit sizes finer than are currently available in artificial stones- some Japanese waterstones are known to reach 50,000+, 75,000+, or even 120,000+ grit in abrasive particle size, while the finest artificial stone sold is the Shapton 30,000 grit stone. One of the most revered natural whetstones is the yellow-gray Belgian coticule, which has been legendary for the edge it can give to blades since Roman times, and has been quarried for centuries from the Ardennes. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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