Ambiance has been discontinued. The app may continue to work on some devices, but there will be no more app updates in the future. All Ambiance Exclusive Sounds are still available as stand-alone, downloadable, seamless looping tracks on the official Ambiance Sound Store.


Sound Details

  • Rating: 4.5 Stars with 1,398 ratings
  • Category: Other
  • Released: about 10 years ago
  • Size: 1.86 MB
  • Open in Ambiance (iOS)
  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.

Fire Engine On Location

Transform your day into a heroic adventure as you rescue helpless citizens from the flames. Fire Engines are normally staffed with at least three people - an officer, a driver who also operates the pump, and a firefighter. Preferably, an engine will carry a second firefighter, to increase effectiveness in safely attacking a fire. Firefighting takes places in a very dangerous environment with great risks, so fire fighters work as pairs, and at least one more pair of firefighters is needed on scene for the safety and change of shift. Try out a second career as you imagine life as a firefighter.

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