Ambiance has been discontinued. The app may continue to work on some devices, but there will be no more app updates in the future. All Ambiance Exclusive Sounds are still available as stand-alone, downloadable, seamless looping tracks on the official Ambiance Sound Store.

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Animals: New Sounds in Animals What's Hot in Animals Top Rated in Animals
Birds: New Sounds in Birds What's Hot in Birds Top Rated in Birds
Earth: New Sounds in Earth What's Hot in Earth Top Rated in Earth
Fire: New Sounds in Fire What's Hot in Fire Top Rated in Fire
Ground Water: New Sounds in Ground Water What's Hot in Ground Water Top Rated in Ground Water
Household: New Sounds in Household What's Hot in Household Top Rated in Household
Human: New Sounds in Human What's Hot in Human Top Rated in Human
Industrial: New Sounds in Industrial What's Hot in Industrial Top Rated in Industrial
Insects: New Sounds in Insects What's Hot in Insects Top Rated in Insects
Instruments: New Sounds in Instruments What's Hot in Instruments Top Rated in Instruments
Meditation: New Sounds in Meditation What's Hot in Meditation Top Rated in Meditation
Military: New Sounds in Military What's Hot in Military Top Rated in Military
Ocean: New Sounds in Ocean What's Hot in Ocean Top Rated in Ocean
Other: New Sounds in Other What's Hot in Other Top Rated in Other
Other Transport: New Sounds in Other Transport What's Hot in Other Transport Top Rated in Other Transport
Other Water: New Sounds in Other Water What's Hot in Other Water Top Rated in Other Water
Rain: New Sounds in Rain What's Hot in Rain Top Rated in Rain
Recordings: New Sounds in Recordings What's Hot in Recordings Top Rated in Recordings
Rural: New Sounds in Rural What's Hot in Rural Top Rated in Rural
Sci-Fi: New Sounds in Sci-Fi What's Hot in Sci-Fi Top Rated in Sci-Fi
Sports: New Sounds in Sports What's Hot in Sports Top Rated in Sports
Static Noise: New Sounds in Static Noise What's Hot in Static Noise Top Rated in Static Noise
Trains: New Sounds in Trains What's Hot in Trains Top Rated in Trains
Urban Indoors: New Sounds in Urban Indoors What's Hot in Urban Indoors Top Rated in Urban Indoors
Urban Outdoors: New Sounds in Urban Outdoors What's Hot in Urban Outdoors Top Rated in Urban Outdoors
Vehicles: New Sounds in Vehicles What's Hot in Vehicles Top Rated in Vehicles
Wind: New Sounds in Wind What's Hot in Wind Top Rated in Wind
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