Ambiance has been discontinued. The app may continue to work on some devices, but there will be no more app updates in the future. All Ambiance Exclusive Sounds are still available as stand-alone, downloadable, seamless looping tracks on the official Ambiance Sound Store.


Sound Details

  • Rating: 3.5 Stars with 2,344 ratings
  • Category: Ground Water
  • Released: about 5 years ago
  • Size: 3.78 MB
  • Open in Ambiance (iOS)
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

River Log

Sitting on a riverbank in the late afternoon, you close your eyes so that your senses can focus only on the soothing sound of the water as it moves past. The wind is not too intense but strong enough to create a steady current. You open your eyes and see a log being swiftly carried along downstream and you focus on watching as long as you can, until it is entirely out of sight. A river is a natural watercourse usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, a lake a sea, or another river. In a few cases, a river simply flows into the ground or dries up completely at the end of its course, and does not reach another body of water. Small rivers may be called by several other names, including stream, creek, brook, rivulet, and rill.

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