Ambiance has been discontinued. The app may continue to work on some devices, but there will be no more app updates in the future. All Ambiance Exclusive Sounds are still available as stand-alone, downloadable, seamless looping tracks on the official Ambiance Sound Store.


Ambiance® is an "environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to relax, focus or reminisce on the go. Choose from over 3500 free sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and more!

  • RelaxFind the perfect sound for your downtime
  • FocusBlock out distractions and get the job done
  • ExploreDiscover the places you have always wanted to go
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Available on the iTunes App Store

Requirements: Universal app requires iPad OS 3.2 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.

Record your own Ambiance sounds. Share them with the world.

The Ambiance player loops your sounds and mixes seamlessly.

Easily download new Ambiance sounds in an familiar way.

Over 3500 Exclusive Sounds

Only download the sounds you want. With more sounds added frequently, the Ambiance library keeps growing! If your device supports it, we will even send you a Push Notification to let you know.

Play in the Background

Who says you have to be focused on your Ambiance environment all the time? Play Ambiance in the background as you check email, surf the web, or play games.

Sleep Peacefully

Fall asleep to a comforting sound so you can doze off gently as it fades out. Wake up gently to a sound fading in slowly so that you can start your day off right.

Highest Quality Sounds

All sounds go through a rigorous quality check and special loop processing to make them just right. You will always get a perfect loop — never hearing a "Pop" or a "Gap".

Create Custom Mixes

Make custom sound mixes using only the sounds you want, to create the perfect blend. Each sound has it's own volume control, so changing your mix is as simple as moving a slider.

Change It Up

Cycle Mode seamlessly switches to the next sound on any of your Ambiance playlists. Enjoy many different sound environments effortlessly as Ambiance moves you from one sound to the next.

  • Choose From over 3500 Sounds, Organized by Category. Browse through the store and explore categories such as "Rain", "Urban Indoors", "Household" and more.
  • Easily Find What You Are Looking For Search or browse through the store and explore categories uch as "Rain", "Urban Indoors", "Household" and more.
  • Full-screen high-quality images accompany every sound Help put yourself in a new environment with sounds and images.
  • Full text descriptions accompany every sound Read about what you are listening to.
  • Universal App Buy once and use it on all of your Apple device.
  • Premium Sounds In addition to the 2000-plus high-quality free sounds in Ambiance, you can purchase a handful of Ambiance Premium sounds.
  • Push Notifications We send out an optional push notification when we add new sounds to Ambiance (about 1 per week).
  • No network connection needed After downloading your sounds, you do not need a network connection to play sounds.
  • Full landscape support Everything in Ambiance can be rotated this way and that.
  • Come Back Where You Left Off. Ambiance remembers exactly where you were last so if you exit the app, you can jump right back in again.
  • Full iPod Integration Want to hear the Beatles with "Forest Birds", or Lady Gaga with "Rain on Tent"? You can.
  • German Support The first of many planned localizations.
  • Fully Customizable Player Timer Want to fade out the player while you nap for 1/2 hour? Easy.
  • Full-featured Ambiance sound player Play, Pause, Previous, Next, Shuffle, all the standards.
  • Ambiance player quick-button Quick and easy access to the player from every screen.
  • Shake to change If enabled, shaking the device will play the next sound on your playlist.
  • Rate your sounds to help you find them later What was that 5-star sound I listened to last week...? Oh ya, here it is.
  • Predictive Search Just type a few letters and we will figure it out.
  • Download Queues Download multiple sounds at a time and keep track of them in the Download manager.
  • Downloaded sounds are categorized for you You should not have to worry about organizing your sounds, let us handle it.
  • Flag Sounds Help us give you the best of the best by letting us know if something is wrong.
  • SmartLists Automatically generated playlists help you create the right playlists so that you don't have to spend time organizing.
  • Reorder the icons on the Ambiance home screen If you want, rearrange the icons to an order that makes you happy.
  • Add your favorites Make favorite lists and add shortcuts to the Ambiance home screen for quick access to your favorite sounds.
  • QuickStart Make Ambiance a 1-tap app with QuickStart. Launch Ambiance and it will immediately play your favorite Sound, Mix or Playlist, or even start an alarm.
  • Alarm Themes Analog clocks. Digital displays. Custom fonts and colors. Create customized themes for your alarms.
  • Supports 12hr and 24hr clocks We will always try and display the right format for you.
  • Background Alarms Even if Ambiance is running in the background, the alarm will go off.
  • Share Sounds with a friend Share sounds between 2 iPhones, iPods or iPads.
  • Facebook, Twitter Integration Share any sound or recording with your social networks.
  • Backup and restore Ambiance Create an Ambiance Backup file in case something happens to your phone. You can restore all your sounds back to the way they were.
  • Restore premium sounds If you change devices, you can still recover your Ambiance Premium Sounds.
  • Request a sound All sounds start as customer requests. If you want a sound we don't have, just ask.
  • In-App Help and Feedback Get answers within the app if you need it.
  • Reset Ambiance In case something goes wrong, or if you just want to start over, there are many levels of Ambiance resets that can help.
  • Record You Own Ambiance Create recording of your own and Ambiance will process and loop it for you.
  • Upload Your Recordings If you want to share your recordings with the world, you can!

Featured Reviews

Apple has named Ambiance as an "All-Time Top Paid iPad App" placing it at #10 on the list!

Apple has named Ambiance as an "All-Time Top Paid iPhone App" placing it at #92 on the list!

One of the most used apps! I love having the choice of so many sounds to lull me to sleep.

- PricessBellaLunaiTunes Review

Every soothing sound I ever loved is here. Relaxation here I come!

- LSAdamsiTunes Review

In terms of features and function it's perfect. It's on my home page and I use it every day.

- Scott in NCiTunes Review

Amazing and best ambient sound program out there. I was able to create a mix that reminds me of the boisterous sounds I'd wake up to in the morning when visiting family overseas: eggs frying, a rooster crowing, children playing in the living room, and the muffled sound of motorcabs driving by. Nostalgia at its best.

- Gim05 iTunes Review

This really is a fantastic app. I use it every night as I fall asleep. It's better and more convenient than all of the white noise and nature sounds machines on the market. I love my ambiance!

- Fragol iTunes Review

I love it!! I needed sounds to help distract my mind from my Tinnutis, and I found exactly what I needed here! Thanks!!!

- Cherie H iTunes Review

Helps block out office noise. Easy to use. Lots of different sounds.

- Christopher DimaiTunes Review

I use Ambiance every night! Feel like I'm snoozing next to a creek, or waterfall, or the ocean. Wherever I want to be Ambiance provides the soundscape! My nights are filled with soothing sounds!

- SouthPawDreameriTunes Review

I use this app all the time for calming, sleeping, and white noise sounds and it is fantastic with great options and tons of sounds!

- Movie Fan ManiTunes Review

I worked graveyard as a nurse for years and have a lot of insomnia. Ambiance has a sound for every mood and environment. I feel like I really get deep, sound sleep when I use it!!! It's also great for meditation.

- Insimniacnurse630iTunes Review

This app knocks me out all the time. Great app for relaxation.

- Roby5iTunes Review

With this app a can create my own personal space anywhere. To world can be going to pieces around me while I just smile an throw in my earbuds. Definitely the most used app on my phone.

- non_centsiTunes Review

One of the best apps I've ever bought.

- Rx BenwayiTunes Review

Ambiance operates simply, with a clean, stylish interface.

You can either drop $50 or more on a decent white noise generator, or you can spend $2.99 on Ambiance.

Think iTunes for zen audio.

This is our favorite overall ambient noise maker.

Ambiance is better than other audio relaxation apps because of it's extensive list of audio tracks.

It [Ambiance] does what it says and does it well at a great price.

Ambiance Screenshots

Ambiance 3.4.3

Released on 04/12/12
  • FixedFixed an bug where premium sound purchases could not be downloaded in some cases.

Ambiance 3.4.2

Released on 04/06/12
  • AddedFull retina support for the new iPad.
  • FixedFixed a bug where Debug Logs were not being sent when asked to in Ambiance Lite.
  • FixedFixed a bug where opening the iPad app in landscape caused the launch screen to rotate in an unflattering way.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the launch screen would sometimes fade to black before showing Ambiance.
  • FixedFixed an bug where premium sound purchases could not be downloaded in some cases.
  • ChangedMade subtle changes to the Ambiance icon and Launch Screen.

Ambiance 3.4.1

Released on 03/13/12
  • FixedFixed an in-app purchase issue

Ambiance 3.4

Released on 03/05/12
  • FixedFixed a serious bug where cancelling a mix or playlist could wipe out your entire library in certain scenarios.
  • FixedFixed a bug where deleting a mix or playlist could cause the app to crash in certain scenarios.
  • FixedFixed a bug where rating a sound or mix could cause the app to crash in certain scenarios.
  • FixedFixed a bug where cancelling a download could cause the app to crash in certain scenarios.

Ambiance 3.3.9

Released on 02/26/12
  • FixedFixed a bug where data loss could occur if updating from an older version of Ambiance.
  • FixedFixed a bug where creating a mix/playlist with a recording would not find the recording's thumbnail.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the recordings category would not have a thumbnail.
  • FixedFixed a bug where saving a mix/playlist could cause a crash.
  • FixedFixed a bug where previewing would sometimes not work.
  • FixedMinor UI tweaks.

Ambiance 3.3.8

Released on 01/14/12
  • FixedFixed a bug where iOS could clean out the app and delete your files.

Ambiance 3.3.7

Released on 12/13/11
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where on rare occasions Ambiance could forget about your sound library.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the download progress bar would appear funky on an iPad launched in landscape.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where cycle mode would not start automatically when using Quickstart to play the last played sounds.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the settings section would not update (iOS 4 only).
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the iPod app would stop playing music if Ambiance was opened.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the iPod integration would leave the Ambiance player in an inconsistent state.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the iPod integration would be in an inconsistent state when an un-downloaded song from iCloud was played.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where device-to-device file transfers of sounds and recordings would sometimes not work, or even crash the app.
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where a recording that had an error would stay in the documents folder and could not be removed.

Ambiance 3.3.6

Released on 12/05/11
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the app would crash when playing a sound (iOS 4 only)
  • Fixed[FIXED] Fixed a bug where the navigation bar would sometimes show under the status bar (iOS 5 only)
  • Fixed[ADDED] Debugging Log tools (disabled by default) that can assist in support requests.

Ambiance 3.3.5

Released on 12/03/11
  • FixedFixed a bug where navigating to a page directly after clicking an Alert would cause the page to render incorrectly
  • FixedFixed a bug where sometimes a page would not fully load on first launch.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the app homescreen would remain in edit mode if placed in the background.
  • FixedFixed a bug where Remote Control events would not work with the app.
  • FixedFixed a bug where sometimes the sound would not restart after an alarm, incoming phone call or other audio interruption.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the edit recording screen would force device rotation to portrait on the iPad.

Ambiance 3.3.4

Released on 11/14/11
  • FixedFixed a crash in the Premium Sounds section.
  • FixedFixed a bug that would sometimes cause Ambiance to quit when entering the background.
  • FixedFixed a bug that would sometimes cause Ambiance to crash when deleting a sound.
  • FixedFixed the bug where iPad apps would always open in portrait.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the iOS alarms would not sound an alert if Ambiance was playing sound
  • FixedFixed the auto-resume of the Ambiance player after an interruption (alarm, phone call, etc...)

Ambiance 3.3.3

Released on 11/4/11
  • NewLockscreen Information about Current Playing Sound on iOS 5.
  • NewMany more sharing options to share your favorite sounds, mixes and recordings.
  • FixedFixed numerous bugs introduced with iOS 5. If you think we missed one, please contact support!
  • FixedFixed a backup/restore bug that prevented import of ambiancebackup files.
  • FixedFixed the bug where iPad apps would always open in portrait.
  • FixedFixed the alarm popup to correctly dismiss the alarm when OK is tapped.
  • ChangedMoved audio and image storage into an iCloud friendly location.

Ambiance 3.3.2

Released on 08/3/11
  • FixedThe drill down list of sounds is now properly sorted.
  • FixedAmbiance now properly handles older backup files.
  • FixedFixed the share iTunes Link button.
  • FixedFixed the Facebook "Application Response Error" sharing bug.
  • FixedFixed a frequent crash that would occur when tapping the preview/play button in the store.
  • FixedSeveral iOS 5 related issues.

Ambiance 3.3.1

Released on 07/1/11
  • FixedFixed an error that was causing apps to think they were Beta versions.

Ambiance 3.3

Released on 06/24/11
  • FixedWe made a small fix to support customers using an unreleased iOS version.

Ambiance 3.2.3

Released on 06/08/11
  • NewYou can now import any audio file into the recorder for auto-looping and addition to Ambiance. The most popular formats are suported, and the same duration rules apply as when making your own recordings (10 sec - 3 min). Please remember that you must own the copyright to any sound you upload to Ambiance.
  • NewFor those of you with very large libraries, we have added a Drill Down mode to the Library page. This change makes finding your sound much easier than scrolling through a long list. Drill-down is the new default, but can be turned off in settings if you like.
  • NewTwitter Follow and Facebook Like button on the home screen to make it easy for you to receive the latest Ambiance news, including sound releases, app updates and more.
  • FixedWe added some missing Accessability titles.
  • FixedFrom now on, edits and additions made to your home screen layout will be more stable and should no longer reset on its own.
  • FixedFixed a bug that would sometimes show a hidden player button behind the main player button or launcher screen.
  • FixedFixed a bug that would sometimes crash while the app was downloading tasks in the background.

Ambiance 3.2.2

Released on 04/11/11
  • FixedIf a recorded sound is in your library and you go to the search bar and search for that sound, then go tap "Re-Download", the recording was erased. This has been fixed to prevent seeing this button in the first place.
  • FixedAmbiance Lite users were experiencing crashing if they were running an older version of the operating system: iOS 4.0 through iOS 4.1.
  • FixedDeleting a sound could cause a crash in certain situations.
  • FixedLite version sometimes crashed when Ads were showing and the device rotated.
  • FixedCorrected a potential crash for CDMA devices.
  • FixedFixed a crash that could occur when importing from an old backup file.
  • FixedPlaylist/Mix are now correctly marked as altered on changes, meaning the player will pick up the changes.
  • FixedRate App popup wording has been altered to make clear that it is only once per new version.
  • FixedSearching for your own recordings now links to the right page.
  • FixedPotential crash on home screen rotation.
  • FixedFixed potential crashing while showing ads on older iOS.
  • FixedDisappearing store bug.
  • FixedPreview sound would sometimes crash when a phone call was received.
  • FixedGet Satisfaction fix.
  • FixedAirplay button now fully integrated on the main player.
  • FixedMinor fixes.

Ambiance 3.2

Released on 02/08/11
  • NewA new side of Ambiance: Recording! You can record your own sounds and listen to them like any other sound. You can even upload your sounds and share them with the rest of the world!
  • NewAwesome new status bar to show downloading progress from wherever you are in the app.
  • NewA sound alert has been added for "shake to change" so you know when it has been triggered and can stop shaking.
  • NewEasy sharing to many more services including Twitter, Facebook, Posterous Delicious and more.
  • NewAirplay support is now more obvious from the player.
  • NewSharing from the player screen.
  • FixedFixed the crashing bug that many of you have been seeing with the last update.
  • FixedFixed a bug where you could get seemingly random bugs due to the app trying to draw on a previous screen once already in the background.
  • FixedFixed a bug where cycle mode would not start cycling when using quickstart unless manually pressed.
  • FixedFixed a bug where some alarm sounds were not working with the language set to German.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the playlist icon would have icons that were way too small.
  • FixedFixed some rare crashes reported by you.
  • ChangedSound Details screen has been re-organized to make the app easier to use.
  • RemovedAutoposting to social networks.

Ambiance 3.1.2

Released on 12/13/10
  • NewBackup file can now be opened directly from the restore email on 4.0+ devices.
  • FixedFixed the horrible bug where the "Rate Ambiance" popup would continue to show, even after rating or ignoring. The rating box should only appear once on new versions.
  • FixedFound and fixed an obscure crash that happened when the app was interrupted by a phone call or other interruption whilst previewing a sound.
  • FixedFixed bug where homescreen icons were not stored between launches.
  • FixedFixed a bug where the player navigation bar would turn blue when entering the app from the background.

Ambiance 3.1

Released on 08/11/10
  • NewAdded full native iPad Support (3.2 and 4.2)
  • NewAirPlay for full audio streaming to your AppleTV, Airport Express or other AirPlay device.
  • NewAdded Free Memory (RAM) stats to contact emails to assist in memory related issues.
  • Fixed"Loading…" forever bug
  • FixedFixed intermittent crash on load
  • FixedFixed cache bugs where older, invalid pages would incorrectly be loaded
  • FixedFixed Push Notification bug where disabling notifications sometimes did not properly disable them
  • FixedFixed Alarm Theme editing to properly update and save titles
  • FixedFixed thumbnails not showing in sound detail page header up after downloading
  • FixedFixed pausing downloading sounds.
  • FixedFixed crash when entering downloads after deleting a recently downloaded sound
  • FixedFixed crash on load if last open page was a Web View.
  • FixedMinor Interface tweaks (shadows, alignments, etc…)
  • FixedLocated and removed some minor memory leaks
  • FixedMemory enhancements to reduce the app's memory footprint.

Ambiance 3.0

Released on 06/21/10
  • NewHD Support - Most newer sound images are in High Definition to support Retina screens.
  • NewMultitasking - Run Ambiance in the Background! Apple finally has allowed third party apps to run in the background. Now you can listen to your sounds while checking you email, reading a book, or surfing the web. (iOS 4 Only)
  • NewAlarms - Setup multiple, customized alarms with Ambiance
  • NewAlarm Themes - Completely configure and personalize the appearance of your Ambiance alarm.
  • NewDownloads - Download Ambiance sounds in the background so you can do other things while downloading. (iOS 4 Only)
  • NewPremium Sounds - While there are over 3500 free high quality sounds with more added weekly, you can now choose to purchase from a handful of selected premium sounds that are much longer, specially engineered, and of premium quality.
  • NewEasier Navigation - Ambiance has been rewritten from the ground up to help you use Ambiance with no training and little effort.

Download Ambiance or Ambiance Lite

Ambiance is the only app of its kind. With an ever-growing collection of sounds for you to download from, advanced features and customization, and a gorgeous appearance, Ambiance has become a must-have app on all devices. Find out what Millions of Customers are raving about!

Ambiance Lite is a free version of the app and has all the same great features of Ambiance. The single limitation is that you can only hold 3 sounds at a time in the app. If you want more, you can upgrade from within the app. Try it out!

Both Ambiance and Ambiance Lite are fully universal apps. This means that you only have to download Ambiance once, and then you can use it on all of your iPhones, iPod's and iPads.